I recently worked with TICE (This is Creative Enterprise), on the creation of an illustration project brief for schools around the UK. My illustration project focused on character design within the gaming industry, and how fashion is constantly blending between the physical and digital worlds. I researched, developed and designed the brief alongside TICE.
'Our digital and physical worlds are constantly blending, especially now that more young people are spending more time online. Similarly, the creative worlds of character design and the fashion industry are blending too. This project sits perfectly at the overlaps of these blending worlds, allowing students to research and explore character design, gaming, and fashion. After exploring fashion and gaming collaborations, researching the style and craft of their favourite characters and games, and learning about drawing techniques for gaming, students will create their own final illustrated character for the game they selected. If you are interested in digital fashion, fashion technology, character design, gaming, or fashion illustration, this is the project for you!' - TICE.

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